Fancy a change to normal cutlery..?  Or just a little activity to do with the children..?

Lemon Dessert Bowls


1) Using a knife, cut off the ends of the lemon

2) Using a spoon scoop out all the inside contents of the lemon

3) Place your favourite ice-cream inside the skin of the lemon, for a new refreshing, summery, taste!!!

4) Enjoy your dessert

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Independent Childrenswear Boutique - Kids Fashion Mart speaks to Childrenswear Buyer Magazine CWB about its January trading. 

Kids Fashion Mart opened its doors in 2011 before launching its e-commerce site in 2012.

During its sales period, the store reduced its product by up to 60 per cent, both in-store and online, however found the online side of the business to slow down in sales compared to December when the site was heavily advertised.



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We all love the month of February. Don't we? After all it's got 2 very important dates ........


There has been a lot of mention of Kids Fashion Mart in top parent magazines and websites in the Northwest of England lately. We are pleased that this awareness is building up gradually and customers are beginning to trust us to deliver fashionable and trendy clothing for their little ones...

Have you found that special christening gown, winter boot or an outfit/set that has caught your attention and you think it will look fabulous on your little ones?

Well, we may not always have the amount to buy what we need when we need it so Kids Fashion Mart is introducing its ‘Flexi-Payment Plan’ .......

Kids Fashion Mart is pleased to welcome on board its brand of Fabric Flavours Children's Clothing. This brand prides itself in vintage-inspired clothing and speckled cotton fabrics


We are delighted to inform you that our Sarah Louise Autumn/Winter 2012 collection have now arrived instore and are also available for purchase online. These season's styles have just been introduced and are absolutely fabulous!!.

For your convenience, the items have been placed on the home page and clicking on each item gives you a full description of the item. We do hope you are as excited as we are , happy shopping!!!!..


Bravo!!, here comes the beautiful month of August. We are rearranging the store, taking out the Spring/Summer 2012 stock and making way for the Autumn/Winter 2012 stock. We look forward to the new and exciting designs for the Autumn/Winter season and we hope you do too!!.