Let's beat the Winter blues and combat the cold together

The festive season is ending and Christmas is over but the BIG DAY is fast approaching - NEW YEARS EVE! Let your kids celebrate in style!

Bench Clothing began in 1989. Ostensibly a brand influenced by skateboarding culture, the hoodie was a natural garment on which to base our brand. It helped transcend the boundaries imposed by subcultures and scenes. But, that’s not where the story of the hood began.

Not very long ago Kids Fashion Mart celebrated 3 years in business. This budding Childrenswear boutique was also featured in the pages of local newspapers and parenting magazines to celebrate its existence.

In 3 years, there has been the introduction of brands that have continued to define the nature of designer childrenswear. Brands like Desigual,

The Spring Summer of 2015

Kids Fashion Mart was born 3 years ago when the founders saw the need to fill the gap exisiting in the designer market for a certain range of brands of childrenswear in Bolton. This was at a time when the industry was being overwhelmed online with the closure of many brick and mortar shops.

The on-line section of the business was formed in the summer of.....

Looking to update your Kids wardrobe before the autumn? Then head down to Kids Fashion Mart for their beautiful collection of clothing.

iDO is the latest brainchild of Miniconf, a company devoted to children's apparel, founded in 1987 thanks to the inspiration of its current president, Giovanni Basagni. The place of its birth is, in itself, full of magic: Ortignano, in the heart of the Casentino Valley, in eastern Tuscany, amidst mountains covered with beech and fir trees, hills bordered with oaks and chestnuts, and sudden drops into the valley where the first stretch of the River Arno flows.

Today Miniconf is a sector leader, thanks to its brands Sarabanda, Dodipetto, and iDO and to the fact that it has focused on a multichannel distribution, an attention to new technologies, cutting-edge logistics, and a truly unique capacity for listening to the market and consumers.

iDO is available to buy at Kids Fashion Mart. The girls and boys clothing at Kids Fashion Mart is some of the loveliest available in Bolton and the surrounding area. We welcomed iDO into our stores in the winter of 2013 and we are happy to continue stocking this wonderful brand of children's clothing. Our Spring/Summer collection of 2014 is now available for pre-orders. These clothes are extremely comfortable for your child to wear. You can literally dress your child from head to toe, as Kids Fashion Mart have all it takes to dress up your kids in attractive, high-quality, practical, comfortable, and safe clothes, while at the same time devoting the utmost attention to your wallets by offering numerous discounts. Follow the link below to save yourself 50% in our BIG Winter Sale for this wonderful brand. 



In the very near future, Kids Fashion Mart is very excited to introduce its brand of Deux Par Deux clothing. Deux Par Deux is a Quebec-based label created by fashion entrepreneurs Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh, which features playful and colorful esthetics in their designs, in corporated with their flamboyant style which has European influences.

Kids Fashion Mart has recently welcomed with open arms, its brand of Kissy Kissy clothing. Using only the finest Peruvian Pima cotton, Kissy Kissy products are well known for its trademark softness.

June? Hasn’t this year flown by...? The start of summer and Father’s day already!


fathers day2


The one day of the year when all our Super-dads get the day off – Father’s day. Be sure that your super-dad gets the recognition he deserves on his special day. Whatever you’re doing for his special day, be sure to make it one to remember with the little ones! We also have some very special summer dresses for your little ones this year, be sure to keep an eye out!

Happy Father’s Day!

From everyone at Kids Fashion Mart. x