EMU Australia - The AW17 Season Sheepskin Waterproof Boot

EMU Australia- The AW17 Season Sheepskin Waterproof Boot

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EMU Australia have been manufactuing the sheepskin boot since the 1940's. They were one of the very first Brands to market this style of boot coming straight out of Australia.

EMU invests in its innovation and design with their use of natural materials, amazing craftsmanship and outstanding quality. We have chosen them as our supplier of sheepskin boots over other well known brands as they take extra time in the design and production of each shoe. They conduct comprehensive testing of each prototype shoe before it is released for sale and they have a fully tested waterproof range for your children's precious feet!

This video will give you all the useful information you need to give you a really good idea as to why they are one of the most trusted manufacturers of the sheepskin boot in Australia.